Create Verifiable
Documents Like Never Before

GenuChk protects your documents from fraud by using the best of the physical and digital world

Secure Signed
Smart Document

Embed NFC tag with a unique physical ID and digital signature based 2D code with a unique digital ID forms an interlocked system that cannot be hacked

Store Document
at Secure Server

The signed smart document is created with the help of GenuChk app and stored in a secured cloud location

Smart Document

Smart document can be easily verified anytime anywhere with the help of GenuChk mobile app

GenuChk is the easiest way to create and verify documents. We have combined the strengths of physical and digital technology to create a smart document that can be verified in a click of a button.

Embed NFC tag

Near Field Communication (NFC) tag provides the paper a unique physical ID

2D Code

2D code is a cryptographical tool that creates a unique digital signature


GenuChk application helps the users to create and verify documents anytime anywhere

How It Works

Let us explain how GenuChk enables the verifier to establish the legitimacy of a document or Identity by validating its authenticity, data integrity, and status.


We are not the inventors, but we are
the innovators. GenuChk used popular technologies and uniquely layered
them to create a revolutionary solution.


GenuChk gives power to the consumers as its simple, secure, and effective. Anyone with a smartphone and GenuChk paper can create a secure verifiable document.


Unlike other anti-counterfeiting solutions, one of the prime objectives of GenuChk is affordability for everyone. We believe that technology should be available to masses

Who We Are

We understand the detrimental effects of document fraud on the economy and learned the gaps in the existing anti-counterfeiting solutions. This inspired us to innovate and create an interlocked system that is best of both the worlds, physical and digital. GenuChk is a patented anti-counterfeiting solution that helps the users to easily create immutable and instantly verifiable documents. GenuChk is a fully owned division of Trunexa Inc.

Why GenuChk ?


We believe that Innovation comes with evolution, GenuChk is adaption not disruption.


With no central point to be exploited, GenuChk has no cracks for hackers and fraudsters.


Once the document is sealed, no third party can make changes to the system and content.


Transparency is a parent of trust, public verifiability allows anyone to verify authenticity.


Decentralized archiving and authorizing ensure the integrity of information at all levels.

Want to learn how GenuChk bring security to your documents? We're here to help you.

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